Power Q & A with Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth Greene is the editor of The Dowager Empress, Poems by Adele Wiseman, and the writer of several books of poems, as well as the novel, A Season Among Psychics. In this Power Q & A, she tells us about the accessibility and beauty of Wiseman’s poetry.

Q: For peopple who have never read Wiseman’s poetry, why should they pick it up?

A: Adele Wiseman's poems are tough, curious, original, authentic—and accessible. Like her novels and non-fiction, they are vision-clearing. Readers of Adele Wiseman's other work will find their understanding of her writing deepened by acquaintance with her more personal poetic voice. Readers new to Adele Wiseman will discover her in her most personal and. possibly, most approachable writing. Almost NO ONE has read much of her poetry before now. Only a handful of poems were published during her lifetime. So they should be a discovery for almost all readers!


About Elizabeth Greene:

Elizabeth Greene has published three books of poetry, The Iron Shoes, Moving, and Understories. Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies, most recently I Found It at The Movies and Shy: An Anthology, and various literary magazines. She has also published short fiction and creative non-fiction. She edited and contributed to We Who Can Fly: Poems, Essays and Memories in Honour of Adele Wiseman which won the Betty and Morris Aaron Award for Best Scholarship on a Canadian Subject.

She taught English for many years at Queen's University, originating courses in Selected Women Writers from Julian of Norwich to Bronwen Wallace and Contemporary Canadian Women Writers. She was a founder of Women's Studies at Queen's and was instrumental in establishing the courses in Creative Writing there.

She lives in Kingston, Ontario.